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Security Forms

Please note the Security Forms below... 


Download the proper form, follow all instructions (especially the needed document copies).

Bring application and forms to the Security Office for your RFID or Decal.

The Security Office is manned for RFID's on Monday's, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:30 am to 12:30pm.  However, we can do RFID's and Decals anytime by appointment. 

We just want to make sure we are in the office to assist you.

RFID Sticker:    $25.00 each

External RFID:  $85.00 each

No charge for decals



Non-Resident Decal 

Landlord & Tenant Info Form

Vacant House Form

Brochure with important phone numbers and other information



For those approved for an RFID, follow these instructions for a smooth entry into Spruce Creek: 


Approach gate at a slow speed.  The RFID reader is a “pulse” reader and must have time to accept the RFID for the gate to open properly.

Do not tailgate.  If vehicles are

too close together, the reader

cannot read both vehicles and

the gate will not open for the

second vehicle (or the gate could

close on your vehicle). Maintain one

car length between vehicles and

wait for the green light which means the RFID reader has accepted your RFID and the gate will open.  Failure to follow the entry rules (no tailgating, speeding, etc.) could cause damage to the gate equipment, and the resident/driver could be liable for repairs.

If the RFID doesn't open the gate and if the lane is clear, back up even to the RFID reader and see if the gate opens.  If not, don’t blare the horn at Security.  Ask them if they are aware of any reason your RFID may not be working.  If not, contact Security at the POA at your nearest convenience.  Use the visitor lane until the issue is resolved.








We now have external RFID's.  These RFID's are affixed to the front of the vehicle with two-way tape.  As long as the RFID is not blocked by any material (metal, plastic, etc.), we can put it on several different areas on the front of vehicles.


These cost $75.00 each, but they do dispense with some of the issues that windshield RFID stickers present.  (Certain tinting, heated windshields, etc. block the RFID stickers, but would not block the external RFID).


RFID 2019.jpg
external rfid collage123.jpg


The Spruce Creek Security Dept. is currently working on ordering a single "Non-Resident" Decal.

This will be less confusing than the multiple decals we currently use.  We are also planning on having a barcode added to the decals that the officers can scan at the gates for better security.

Sometime in 2020 we hope to have these new decals.  Also, in the same time frame, the paper passes printed at the gates will also have a barcode.  This will also enhance security.  Also, we are looking into having the software add  a picture of the guest to the pass directly from the driver's license.

I have been working on several decal designs, but I didn't want to add a picture of them here until the decal is decided on.

We are excited to implement these changes if approved by the Board of Directors.  I will update this page once the Board meets and budget items are approved or denied.



Property owners in Spruce creek can apply for a motorcycle decal for their bike(s).  There is no charge for the decal.  We just need to make a copy of the bike registration and update any contact information in the system.  The officers are used to looking for these decals when bikes enter the gate.  Please place the decal on the fork, windshield, etc. so the officers can easily see it.  You may enter through either gate, but be aware if the officer is busy at the gate, or their vision is blocked, he/she may not see you right away.  Don't lay on the horn, just give them a little bit to recognize you are awaiting entry.

We have also found that the RFID stickers do work on some, but not all, motorcycles.  The rtesident is more than welcome to purchase one if they wanted an RFID along with the decal.  Of course, if thge RFID doesn't work you'd be out the $20.00, but about 10-15 residents have tried this now and I'd say about 80% of them have worked!

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